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"Descendants, stand here on your ground and do not rely on foreign aid"


Finland's security and independence are topics that have always remained relevant throughout our country's history. Augustin Ehrensvärd's famous words, "Descendants, stand here on your ground and do not rely on foreign aid", are still meaningful and topical for Finns.


These words remind us Finns that a nation's security and independence rely on its armed forces. Ehrensvärd urges Finland to remain strong and trust its strength rather than relying on the help of other countries.


These words are particularly noteworthy when considering Finland's unique location and history, which involve the struggle for independence and surviving various conflicts.


Political science professor Matti Wiberg's statement (HS 14.3.2014), "When facing a true ordeal, Finland has only three friends. They are not the EU, NATO, or the UN, but Finland's army, navy, and air force", emphasizes the same idea as Ehrensvärd's words. According to Wiberg, international organizations can offer support and cooperation. Still, ultimately Finland must be able to defend herself with her resources.


In Ehrensvärd's words and Wiberg's view, the emphasis on self-sufficiency is essential to Finnish identity and the will to defend the country. Universal conscription, warfare expertise, and the country's unique geographic position are factors that together create a strong foundation for Finland's security and independence.


While Ehrensvärd's words and Wiberg's statement highlighted the importance of self-sufficiency, we should not forget the significance of international cooperation. International cooperation can enhance Finland's security and defence capabilities, although it cannot entirely guarantee our security in critical situations. The EU, NATO, and the UN are organizations with which Finland cooperates at various levels. The partnership may include military training, information exchange, and participation in peacekeeping missions.


Augustin Ehrensvärd's words and Matti Wiberg's view remind us that only our armed forces primarily can provide Finland's security and independence.


Emphasizing self-reliance is essential to the Finnish will to defend the country and national identity. However, international cooperation also plays a vital role in Finland's security policy, although it must still not replace our defence forces in critical situations.


In the future, Finland must maintain a strong defence capability and deepen international cooperation to ensure the country's security and independence in the best possible way.


If Finland faced a military intervention, we could not rely on foreign troops to defend our country, even when we are members of NATO. Our defence would still lie entirely on the shoulders of our armed forces in such a situation.


We would receive arms and material assistance in the same way as Ukraine does now. However, other countries would only reluctantly accept potential war refugees from our country.


We must not lull ourselves into a false feeling of security.

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