Valmet 500 vuosimallia 1969 ja iso perävaunu perunapellolla.




We bought a Valmet 500 tractor on my home farm in 1969, and it already had a safety cab mounted as standard.

At some point, the solenoid of the starter motor failed. For some reason, neither a spare part nor a repairman had been available. So, if necessary, the tractor was temporarily started on a roll starting.

It was a great success because there was a suitable hill before the barn, and you could roll from it even a long distance, gathering momentum.

My dad - a former trucker who, incidentally, didn't enjoy my particular confidence as a machinist - came up with a more original trick for starting: with a sturdy screwdriver, when you connected the cables at the end of the solenoid, it cranked straight from there.

It was autumn at the time of the incident, and the weather was quite chilly and frosty.

Well, Valmets are famous for their excellent start-up performance. In addition, it has an additional fuel pin in the injection pump, that is, a "force-feeder (or "primer" if you like)" to facilitate cold starts. When priming is used, the accelerator must be turned at full speed simultaneously (priming allows the rack and pinion of the speed governor to move beyond the maximum injection position).

So my dad pulled the throttle to the fullest, banged the door shut, and started with that screwdriver from the end of the starter. One thing he had overlooked: of course, the immobilizer switch on top of the gearbox does not prevent cranking in such a case. Another point was that Valmetti was standing on that slope in fifth gear.

The engine started readily, but at the same time, the tractor started - without a driver, of course! The tractor went downhill at full throttle without a driver, and there was no access to the cab through the doors; it was a closed booth.

Daddy got out, and as a man with agile movements, he could still jump behind on a platform placed on top of the linkage arms. There he stood, holding on to the edges of the booth, just as we had often used to travel - now only with the difference that there was no one in the cab.

There was a large ditch beneath the hill that wouldn't even occur to you to try driving over. Daddy watched for a while and jumped off the ride at the last minute before the ditch.

On the other hand, the tractor miraculously leapt over the gutter and made a broad curve in the field on the other side. Then it came back towards the ditch. That was where it had at last been left the second time, grinding idly with its front wheels in the gutter, and from there, my father had tamed it.

There was much luck in an accident, as it didn't get any worse. The tractor was not damaged, and the starter motor was soon repaired.


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