Sateenkaaria veden yllä
Sateenkaaria veden yllä.


Raindrops Forge Rainbows 


Raindrops forge rainbows across the sky,
Showers sculpt the heavens with arcs so fine,
Rain creates the arcs so vivid, so true,
Bringing rainbows, with every hue anew.

Release the anguish, let your heart align.
Let go of sorrows. Let your spirit fly.

Eternity's whisper, to me it softly calls:
Inviting me on a journey where infinity falls.
To its endless road, crystal clear,
Where changes forge us, without fear.


A longing for life's final breath,
To live each instant, defying death,
As though it were the very first, till our last breath.

Toivo Miettinen 2024


Erotin © Toivo Miettinen

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